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Senior ARNG Chaplain

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Mission & Functions   Director


Facilitate and monitor to insure compliance with the OCCH plans, policies, personnel actions and training for the 54 S/T/District of the ARNG, in order to provide fully mission capable chaplain sections, religious support teams and unit ministry teams for all federal and state missions.



Highly professional ARNG Chaplains and assistants who are Subject matter experts providing timely, relevant and outstanding support to the 54, NGB-OC, OCCH and AHS.



1. PERSONNEL-effective ministry starts with recruiting, accessioning, training, and promoting the best qualified assistants and chaplains.

2.  TRAINING-effective ministry is the result of professional soldiers/chaplains and assistants having received relevant mission focused training.

STRONGBONDS-Managing the ARNG Strong Bonds program to insure effective training for and increased resilience of our ARNG soldiers and spouses.

3.INSTALLATION SUPPORT-providing direct ministry to the ARNG and DOD personnel serving at Arlington Hall Station .


Fully mission capable ARNG chaplain sections, religious support teams and unit ministry teams able to provide or perform religious support in all federal or state missions.
Senior ARNG Chaplain


   Staff Chaplain,
Army National Guard



Directorate Functions and Initiatives
Provides OCCH with a monthly status report of mobilized ARNG UMTs
Serves as ARNG Chaplain liaison with OCCH, USAR, and DARNG
Keeps OCCH informed of ARNG force structure and manning levels
Supports the Army Chaplaincy Strategic Plan.
Serves as the Official Person Responsible (OPR) for all ARNG chaplains and chaplain assistants assigned to the National Guard Bureau.
Ensures the religious needs of ARNG personnel and their families are provided. Functions as the principal advisor to the ARNG Director on all ARNG-CSO CH chaplaincy matters, including issues affecting the spiritual, religious, moral, and ethical well-being of Soldiers and their families.
Coordinates with the USA-CH to ensure religious support for federal missions and operations.
Supports non-federalized missions and operations.
Interprets, coordinates, and communicates guidance for organizing, recruiting, accessing, training and equipping ARNG chaplains, chaplain assistants, and DOD civilian employees.
Formulates and/or coordinates ARNG strategic policies, guidance, planning, and programs in support of Army National Guard chaplains and chaplain assistants.
Represents ARNG-CSO-CH to the Director of ARNG; the Director, NGB-OC; the Deputy Director, NGB-OC; ARNG commanders; ecclesiastical representatives, and executive level officials.
Serves as an advisor to the USA Chief of Chaplains and the Director, NGB-OC.
Coordinates with the NGB-OC Deputy Director on ARNG-CSO-CH and joint chaplaincy matters.
Develops and oversees ARNG chaplain programs.
Ensures ARNG chaplain programs are adequately resourced.
Performs additional duties determined by the ARNG Director
Key Resources

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