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Sustainment and Information

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Mission & Functions     Director
Director Mission Statement: Provide and implement Resources, Logistics, Materiel, and Military Construction Management policy for the military religious support mission.
Chaplain (COL) Steven E. Moon

Directorate Functions and Initiatives
Direct Chaplain Branch Proponency policy and guidance for DACH 4/8/EN
Direct NAF Chaplains’ Fund Operations (Chapel Tithes and Offering Funds (CTOF))
Direct Command Master Religious Plan (CMRP)
Direct Chaplaincy Automated Religious Support System (CARSS)
Direct Chaplain Branch Regulatory policy and guidance for DACH 4/8/EN
Direct Use of APF in Religious Support
Direct Logistics management in Religious Support
Direct Materiel development in Religious Support
Direct Facilities management and construction in Religious Support
Assessable Unit Manager for the OCCH Management Control Program
Direct the DACH (NAF) Chaplains’ Fund Operations
Direct the DACH (NAF) Chief of Chaplains’ Grant program
Direct the DACH (APF) CCH Ecclestical Equipment Grant program
Direct DACH PPBES/POM cycles
Direct the DACH Budget cycle
Manpower Manager for the OCCH TDA
Direct OCCH Military and Civilian Staff Manpower and Personnel Actions
Responsible for OCCH resources
Directs functions of OCCH Headquarters Commandant
Supervises military and civilian personnel
Military History Coordinator
Advise Assistant Chiefs of Chaplains on Information, Resource
Management, Logistic issues
Key Resources